Palmyra – Phoenix Youth Center – Wish List

Want to help?

We are always in need of supplies to help us provide our services to the youth of the community. If you would like to help, we could use the following items:

Homework Supplies
~Glue sticks
~Lined paper
~Construction paper
~Child safety scissors
~Snacks (individually packaged are preferred)

Recreation Equipment
~Ping pong balls & paddles
~Indoor basketballs
~XBox 360 games rated E

Other Supplies
~Paper towels

If you would like to support Phoenix Youth Center monetarily, checks should be written to “Phoenix Youth Center.”

Any supplies you wish to donate may be dropped off at the Youth Center during our regular hours. If you would like to make special arrangements for a time outside of our regular hours, please contact Chelsea Weibley at or 717.838.1347.

Thank you for your interest and support!