Summer Learning

The 2021 Summer Learning Program, Tails & Tales, begins June 7, 2021 with Lebanon County Libraries!

This year the Summer Learning Program will be a mixture of in-person and online programming. Some libraries will have programs in-person, outside if possible. If the weather forces programs inside, space may be limited due to social distancing requirements. Be sure to check with your local library to find out if programs are in-person or online! Please follow all of the library’s safety procedures while visiting.

To participate:

  • Attend programs in-person or online.
  • Log your reading online using Beanstack, or print or pick up a log below or at your library.
  • All Summer Learning information, schedules, and reporting tools will be posted here.
  • Visit your library to borrow books, and also borrow books online from the eLibrary at
  • We’ll also share announcements on the Lebanon County Library System’s Facebook page (

We are grateful to the United Way of Lebanon County, the Bishop Foundation, and our local libraries’ Friends group for their support of the Summer Learning Program.


Choose how you want to log your reading and activities! Log entirely online using the Beanstack app, or sign up at the library and log on paper.

2021 Summer Learning Program: Tails and Tales
The Bishop Foundation

In-library only

Log your reading on paper and bring it to the library!

Step 1: Register at the library and pick up your activity sheet/reading log!

Complete each week on the activity sheet and return it to the library.

You may also print the activity sheet here, but remember to register at the library!

Endless Pawsabilities

Endless Pawsabilities: Summer Learning for grades 5-9
GO Lebanon 2021: Go and Chase Your Tale!